Zazen meditation: Everything you need to know

Zazen meditation: Everything you need to know

Zazen meditation: Everything you need to know

Jun 01, 2022, 03:33 pm
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Zazen meditation: Everything you need to know
Zazen meditation calms your mind and helps you to relax and rejuvenate. (Photo credit: PIXNIO)

Zazen is a meditative practice that is primarily popular among Zen Buddhists. The meditation is performed by sitting in the lotus position resembling a seated Buddha.

Zazen basically originated from the teachings of Lord Buddha and aims at letting go of all goals and judgments and thinking about the present moment.

It offers you an insight into how your mind works and releases stress.

Five types of Zazen meditation

Bompu Zen: Helps you to calm down and concentrate better.

Gedo Zen: It refers to teachings outside Buddhism and helps to connect to our spiritual selves.

Shojo Zen: Helps you to move from confusion and suffering to enlightenment.

Daijo Zen: Awakens your essential nature and teaches you to break free from illusions of the world.

Saijojo Zen: You are awakened to your true nature.

Benefits of Zazen meditation

Zazen meditation helps to alleviate stress and anxiety by reducing the density of the negative matter in your brain.

It increases your cognitive alertness and concentration. You become more tuned to your own thoughts that you process with external stimuli.

It also helps to release happy hormones and so keeps depression away.

You are able to better handle pain and your emotional intelligence improves.

How to practice this meditation?

Sit upright in a full lotus or half-lotus position facing the wall. Place the back of your palms on your thighs.

Your head and spine should be straight and your chin slightly tucked in toward your chest with a tilt in your lower back. Maintain a soft gaze and keep your lips shut.

Relax, breathe normally and feel your breath instead of following it.

Some guidelines to keep in mind

Remember to stay focused, alert, and fully attentive while practicing this meditation technique and observe your thoughts.

If your mind fluctuates, be gentle and stabilize it by using the rhythm of your breath and your body stillness.

Start with practicing 10-30 minutes daily. Once you have learned how to position your body and focus your mind, devote some more time to attain maximum benefits.

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