What Is Lucid’s DreamDrive And How Does It Work?

What Is Lucid’s DreamDrive And How Does It Work?

Lucid’s DreamDrive comes with a suite of equipment designed to optimize driver safety while helping them make critical road decisions.

DreamDrive is an important feature of the Lucid Air electric vehicle, primarily because of its technological upgrades. With it comes a suite of equipment designed to optimize driver safety while helping them to make critical road decisions. In the business of high-performance electric cars, Lucid Motors is a top player. The Lucid Air has enjoyed great success in the luxury EV market, with comparisons to the Tesla Model S Plaid variant already made. The Lucid Air isn’t the only electric model giving Tesla major competition. The entire industry is populated by EVs from startups and legacy automakers whose primary goal is to upstage Tesla.


The Lucid Air has appeared in the news recently. Last month, a new Sapphire Edition was unveiled as the first Lucid Air to have a tri-motor powertrain. Built and assembled in Casa Grande, Arizona, this new model delivers up to 1200 hp. A few months ago, Lucid Motors announced a significant price increase for the Air EV. While there was no official reason for the adjusted retail price, fingers point to the ongoing supply chain crisis caused by a chip shortage. Lucid isn’t the only automaker to make drastic decisions. To streamline its supply chain, Rivian discontinued production of its entry-level trim, Explore. This decision applies to the R1T truck and R1S SUV.

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Lucid refers to DreamDrive as the “most comprehensive advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) available in an EV.” According to its page, the system is said to comprise 32 sensors equipped with the most advanced camera, radar and ultrasonic technology. Furnished with ultrasonic technology and a high-quality LIDAR, DreamDrive can function in nearly every possible weather condition. It also has a driver monitoring feature that helps the driver be aware. However, despite these features, DreamDrive is a semi-autonomous system and constantly requires human attention.

How Does DreamDrive Work?

While the standard version of DreamDriver offers admirable features, the Pro edition comes with extra senior hardware. The Pro version is standard on the Dream Edition and Grand Touring trims, while drivers will need to pay an additional fee to get this. The suite of 32 cameras is cleverly incorporated into the EV’s exterior design. It includes 14 visible-light cameras, five radar units, four surround-view cameras, an ultrasonic sensor and LIDAR. General Motors is another automaker that uses LIDAR for its driver assist system, Super Cruise. Another striking feature is the human-machine interface which conveys information to drivers using text, color and sound.

The system employs Surreal Sound, a 21-speaker system, to send precise directional alerts. This optimizes the performance of features like Front and Rear Cross Traffic Protection and Autonomous Emergency Braking. Furthermore, to improve the driving experience on the highway, features like Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering Control ensure that the Lucid EV always stays in place and maintains a healthy distance from other cars. Additional DreamDrive features include Ethernet connectivity and Auto Park. However, the last two offerings are exclusive to the Pro version.

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