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love and life: Overcoming anxiety

Anxiety is a toxin that defiles the mind regardless of how it arises. It first creates turmoil in the mind and then impacts us emotionally and physically. It is important to recognise anxiety as a toxin and to understand that there are mechanisms to overcome it.

A gently flowing stream of love, Light and joy bubbles within us at all times. When we sit in stillness in meditation, we can drink from that spring of Light and joy that washes away our anxiety. Once we connect to a place of happiness and peace within us, we experience a reduction in our anxiety. When we enjoy that state of calm, we then want to return to it.

Meditation helps us deal with our anxiety when we focus our attention on the source of all happiness and love within us. We recognise God’s presence in our lives, and we take comfort in God’s love just as we take comfort in the love of our parents, spouse and other loved ones throughout life. We know that help is always at hand because God is always with us. As we continue to experience God’s love and Light, negativity begins to fade.

When we are in a state of physical and mental calmness, we have more control over our reactions towards life’s stressors. Through meditation, we can overcome the feeling of anxiety in our lives.

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